A few words coming from people who have worked at close counters with me…

What Separates privilege from entitlement,

Is Gratitude.

Testimonials from industry leaders, colleagues, students, trainees and mentees.

Vijayeta Singh

Global Head – Quality, Amazon

Akash was my direct reportee managing QA initiatives worldwide for Centralized QA org. His ability to learn new skills is commendable. He is a self made individual, very hardworking and a person with right human values.


Divya Shori

Consultant, Goldratt Consulting

Akash is very reliable & passionate team member. At a very nascent age he has proved his abilities in taking up leadership roles in his organizations. He has been a team player and been there for the team when needed. He has very good communication skills and is sharp at analytics. I had a great time working with him. He is very dependable & mature individual.

Veena Kumar

Sn. Global Leadership Partner, Amazon

I have partnered with Akash to help build skills required for a Supervisor role. He emulates the Amazon Leadership Principle of ‘Hire and Develop the Best’ and has facilitated several sessions on Data Analytics and Excel expertise to deliver Operational Excellence. It’s a privileged to partner with him and see him as a valuable resource to any organization involved in Operations!

Som Shuvro Choudhury

Product Manager, Mastercard

Level headed, patient & high on ethics, has an unique trait as a leader that separates him from the rest. His sound knowledge on people, process & performance makes him a fine Leader. Undoubtedly, a better person to know & work with.

Rahul Sharma

Founder, Graintastic

Working with Akash was a joy! very clear in his mind, and committed, he would always go out of his way to make things happen! I always found him very open minded and willing to discuss all options on the table before taking a decision. This is a mark of a good manager and a great person. You will never be disappointed working with him

Daniel Chu

IT Compliance Manager, Wipro

Akash has always been a great colleague to work with and a people manager! I always found him thorough with team, data and stakeholder management.

Rohini Debroy

Digital marketing Manager, MH Group

Akash and I have worked on the omni-channel platform for Bangalore International Airport. The revolutionary E-commerce platform will transform airport travel and convenience for passengers. Akash is meticulous, thorough, a great teammate and easy to work with. He is very professional and has a sense of calm, even when there is pressure or stress at work. He handles stakeholders at senior levels with ease. His interactions with third party and vendors has been polite and yet he gets the work done with ease. His expertise and knowledge in the E-commerce business is commendable and he will definitely add a lot of value to the project he handles. I’m very glad to have met and worked with Akash at BIAL.

Neelu Jain

Founder and CEO, Khrysalis Consultancy

Akash and I have interacted during our Wipro stint and beyond as well. Akash is extremely calm and displays positive attitude and positive vibes. He is always appreciative and a great team player. He looks at living life stress free and puts in effort towards self development. He will be a great value add to any organization/ team given the personality and traits he exhibits. Here is wishing him a good luck for all his future endeavors.

Nakul Verma

Operations Manager, EXL

‘Ridiculously efficient’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Akash. I had the pleasure of working with him for close to an year at Amazon, collaborating for setting up Quality team for a new org. I was always in awe of Akash’s ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas—even people who were initially on completely different pages. As a team member or a leader, Akash earns my highest recommendation.

Saloni A D

Commercial Counsel – India, Waters Corporation

Akash and I have collaborated in executing a couple of radical projects in the past, and my interactions with him have been worthwhile. Not only is he articulate and resolute in his approach, but also effective in tapping the pulse of a business requirement. Crafting advanced digital initiatives and customer-centric proposals that can transform a business, is his greatest strength. I highly recommend working with a professional like Akash.

Priya Chawla

Senior Catalog Analyst, Amazon

Akash is a rare example of an effective and helpful leader. It was an absolute pleasure to have a mentor like Akash. I have experienced him so kind, generous and responsive to everything from professional to personal decisions. He has a strong combination of expertise and innate leadership qualities. He is highly motivated and organized. I am blessed to have him as a mentor. I have great respect for his experience and have personally learned and continue to learn a lot from him. I will always appreciate his patience with my tricky questions. I strongly recommend Akash as a professional from whom one can learn a lot.

Tilak Dey Sarkar

Director – Ops, Teleperformance

I worked with Akash at the very beginning of his career. He joined my team as an energetic young leader who was always eager to learn more and try innovative ways to solve problems . With a sound head over his shoulders, he always came across as someone who would go the extra mile for his team.

Devayani Vijayan

Associate Vice President, Bangalore Airport

Akash comes across as a person committed to achieving results, matched up with a clear focus on execution. He is very proficient in what he does and is focused on his professional objectives. He is good at problem solving as well as in team work. I have worked with him on cross functional projects and it has always been a pleasure. He is definitely an asset to the team that he is part of.

Norbert Pecko

Trade Compliance Manager, Amazon

I have been working with Akash on implementing global Quality Assurance Framework in Amazon. During this time I found out that, data-driven mindset, strong analytical skills and ability to lead a worldwide team towards expected goals are characteristics of his work style. It was a pleasure working with him.

Mabin John

Manager -Trust & Safety, LinkedIn

Akash is an experienced operations leader with rich knowledge and experience in People management. He can simplify complex business problems and constantly innovates in his area of work. Akash is also very good at mentoring individuals. He is very soft spoken and compassionate as a person and at the same time someone who works with logic and data. This combination is what makes Akash unique and successful in his area of work!

Subhojit Chaudhury

Brand Manager, Start TV Network

I have worked with Akash as his team member during my early career days in Wipro, he is a great leader who can motivate and give his peers great learning experience. He is a patient individual with great analytical skills.

Amlan Gourav

Quality Assurance Manager, Amazon

Akash is a genuine out of box thinker, who utilizes his judgement and technical skills to come up with unique and effective solutions. Over the span of one year of my association with Akash I have observed him connecting the dots between theory and implementation while ensuring due credibility is provided to all the stakeholders. He is an excellent communicator, continuous learner, efficient manager and an absolute joy to work with.

Jyothi Gopalan

Recruiter II, Amazon

t’s rare to come across a standout Talent like Akash. Few people would have the opportunity to report into a manager who is not just a wonderful coach but also a great mentor. Akash went beyond expectations in helping me learn and understand some of the best practices and approaches on how to upscale oneself. I am always in awe of Akash’s ability to deep dive into other person’s perspective and then give the right insights. Beyond all, he is a wonderful person who believes in building and nurturing meaningful relationships. I bet, you will always take pride in knowing him as a good soul.

Vicky Saini

Senior Manager, Vodafone

Akash has vast knowledge around Data Analytics, Lean Six Sigma, Project Management & Continuous Improvement. He has taken up good number of projects which turned into a success story. Having worked closely with him, I would highly like to recommend Akash for these skillsets.

Shikha Roy

Business Head, Ace Turtle

Akash has been a real delight to work with. Always hands on with what was needed, he worked more like partners than as a client. His deep knowledge on the tech side and ability to maneuver through complicated world of the airport is commendable. He was demanding yet very approachable and collaborative to get the best possible product and services Made a friend for life. I wish him all the luck and success!

Akshara Alok

Account Manager, Verve Group

It has been an absolute pleasure to have a mentor like Akash sir. He has been so kind, generous, and approachable for anything ranging from career decisions to personal finance. He doesn’t tell you what to do rather helps you think, provides structure to your thought process, and works “with” you to come to a logical solution to a problem. His ability to relate to one’s problems/dilemmas and think in a concise and structured manner makes him an excellent mentor for young professionals, like us. When I finally became a lucky mentee, I was able to speak with Akash sir more closely and I have so much respect for his experience and have personally learned and continue to learn a lot from him. He has taught me how to bring discipline and accountability in life to achieve my goals. He has the “big picture” that is greatly needed in mentoring in today’s world.

Mahima Gupta

Tech Lead, PayTM

I have known Akash as a mentor and professional for quite some time now. over the course of my interactions, I found him to be a patient listener and a person high on EQ, with a fine balance of professional and human values. I found his approach to always have a sound footing on ethics, and his guidance was always meaningful and directional and never prescriptive. I believe Akash would be an excellent mentor for someone seeking guidance in career or beyond.